Real-time Embedded Dashboard

for ESP8266 & ESP32

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4 New Cards
3 New Charts
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4 Exclusive Cards!

3 Exclusive Charts!


Frequently Asked Questions

ESP-DASH Pro is the premium version of our open-source ESP-DASH (lite) library.

This library ( ESP-DASH Pro ) provides you with extended functionality and contains various new cards and charts which can be used in variety of use-cases.

ESP-DASH Pro can be installed just like any other Arduino library. You will have to go to the libraries folder and paste the source code provided with your download.

Additionally, Your download will be provided with installation instructions.

ESP-DASH Pro comes with GPL-3.0 license just like our regular ESP-DASH lite library. If you would like to use it in a commercial project, please contact me at for more info.

As this is a digital product with no strings attached, we currently don't provide any refund of the goods sold on this platform. But, we do provide great software support. You can contact us at to resolve your problem.

v4.0.4 (current)
Bug Fix
Fixed crash bug related to joystick card

Improved Joystick
Added new callback for Joystick Card ( x or y coordinates )

Added New Card
Added Joystick Card

Minor Improvements and Added New Card
Added Text Input Card

Initial ESP-DASH Pro library
New Components:
Energy Card
Air Card
Line Chart
Area Chart
Pie Chart

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